Drive down the cost of your quality issues

Dec 16, 2016

Stride quality management software for the sheet metal industry is delivering a fresh and innovative approach to seamlessly integrate with existing workflows. The software eliminates duplication and encourages every employee to take ownership of quality issues within a business. Stride has been developed by Nottingham based JKG Design Ltd, which has extensive knowledge of sheet metal production and has used this to create a straightforward, easy to use interface which can be adopted by just about any manufacturing enterprise, irrespective of experience or size.

“When developing Stride our aim was to simplify the whole quality management process. These seem to be dominated by multiple spreadsheets and files of documentation sat gathering dust on shelves,” says Jason George, Director, JKG Design. As an event-driven system Stride brings all of the quality management data, from tool/fixture certification, shift reports, rework, quality case tracking, supplier lists and much more into a single location. This information is then reported in a simple, concise and easy to read graphical and numerical form, making it much more likely to be acted upon.

The key design criteria for Stride was its ease of use which will encourage take up of the system by all stakeholders, from the shopfloor to the boardroom. In achieving this the system assists in identifying any quality issues speedily, trends can be monitored and action taken. The result is a reduction in quality related costs and increased productivity within the whole manufacturing process.

One example within the flat sheet processing sector where Stride has a major impact is that of recuts. “Recuts are a fact of life in the profiling industry and are often ignored because of this. The data collected in Stride is easily analysed and actions can be taken to reduce recuts. Stride’s dashboard interface presents the data in an easy to visualise form showing which operator is involved, which machine is causing specific issues, when did the recuts occur (date spikes, etc) and what those issues are, ie why was the recut required? The recut module in Stride features a link to SigmaNEST integration that allows recut parts to be loaded into the SigmaNEST work space and even nested automatically.”

With its background in the engineering and software sectors, JKG Design also wanted to ensure that Stride was available to companies of all sizes, so it has developed a pricing structure based on a subscription-based , floating license system that accounts for concurrent users and, like the software itself, this license is scaleable, with users added as and when they are needed.

Jason George adds: “With Stride we have created a dedicated piece of quality management software that will encourage 100 per cent participation across a business. Stride’s ease of use and inclusivity will drive quality improvements, productivity, assist in driving down quality and overall manufacturing costs.”

Anyone interested in a demonstration of the power of Stride and how it can impact on productivity and profitability can contact JKG Design through

Recut Module Now Released

Sep 23, 2016

How much are recuts costing you?

Recuts are unfortunately a fact of life in the profiling industry but that's not to say they shouldn't be monitored, the data analysed and efforts made to reduce them, after all each one you cut eats further into your profit. The quality control solution 'Stride' contains an easy to use integrated solution for monitoring recuts and then a dashboard to help visualise the collected data for analysis. What's more, Stride's recut module now includes SigmaNEST integration allowing parts for recut to be loaded into the SigmaNEST workspace and even nested automatically.

Stride Recut Module

Stride V1 is ready!

Sep 12, 2015

Its ready! Here's a picture of Stride V1 being hand delivered to our first customer... it's time to start spreading quality.

Our first delivery

Not long now

Sep 8, 2015

Nearing completion! The final build is nearly ready and the very snazzy packaging has arrived.

Stride packaging

Stride V1 is coming

Aug 29, 2015

I am very excited to announce that Stride version 1 is nearing completion and will soon be ready for release.