Stride... Quality Throughout

Stride is a quality control solution built specifically to satisfy the requirements of sheet metal and timber profilers. It is the product of industry knowledge, providing a transparent and quantifiable quality management system that helps meet your ISO 9001 requirements. Stride actively improves quality, reduces unnecessary costs and therefore maximises profits.

What's more, Stride has a fresh and unique concept that engages not just your Quality Team, but also the Machine Operators, Shift Managers, Material Handlers, CAD Operators etc. after all it's those employee's that have a physical connection to your quality matters. All of this in a simple package that is quick and easy to deploy, requires minimal training and has an implementation cost that makes it available to any size company.

Three reasons why you'll love Stride:



It's Everywhere

A fully networked solution that takes the effort out of storing, sharing and accessing your critical quality control data. Furthermore the floating licencing system means that every employee with a pc can get involved.



A place to store all of your suppliers, files, non conformance investigations, tool calibration records etc... and all of this with a record of who did it and when.


For Everyone

The single most exciting element in Stride is the way that it becomes accessible as a tool for everyone, and by doing so encourages the whole workforce to handle quality as a team effort. Find out more